Next Exit

Old Town Run About


Alien Throne of New Mexico Badlands and Milky Way over Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

Early Morning at Big Pine Lake, California and Sunset over Rio Grande River, Texas and Mexico

Christine and Rocket88 into the Galaxy

Cactus Man

Into the Deep

Beautiful Encounters

From a Tropical Skyline to a Monochromatic Alleyway

Neowise Comet and Laughlin Lights

Getting a Grasp on the Little Things

Pelicans in Flight

Car Club

Sunrise in Jerome

Painted Hills

Desert Dreams

Havasu Life

Vacant and Forgotten Flowers


Sweet Sugar

Desert Beauty

Winter Sunset

Mohave County Lightning

Welcome to Kingman

Something from Nothing

London Bridge


A Bug: Exploring Composition

Anchor and Waterfall & Trees in Sun

Two Photographs