Issue 8, Spring 2021


A watercolor portrait of a black and white French bulldog. The dog is looking at the viewer with its tongue out.

from “Spirit Animal” by Adam Romano

As the world continues to struggle against COVID-19, Ovis Issue 8 has a decidedly melancholy feel as our artists and writers tackle death, longing and the darkness of the human condition.

Included in Issue 8 are works from Amber Cole, Michael Fleming, Karrissa Goforth, Callen Martin, Lucy Suzanne Nelson, Adam Romano, Jay Vance and Jocelyn Reyes, and Taylor Ware.

Issue 8 marks our first issue without short form pieces, but poetry from Fleming, Goforth, Martin and Ware provide plenty of depth for our readers.

Cole and Romano provide a diverse array of visual art including ceramics, watercolor, photography and digital art.

Finally, thanks to the MCC Flash Film Festival, Ovis branches out into another new medium with two short films from Nelson and duo Vance and Reyes.




Love Letter to the Pacific Northwest by Lucy Suzanne Nelson

Emergence by Jay Vance and Jocelyn Reyes


From a Tropical Skyline to a Monochromatic Alleyway by Amber Cole


An Unexpected Sunrise by Michael Fleming

In the Waking Hours by Karrissa Goforth

A Coalition of Mentality by Callen Martin

Remembering December by Taylor Ware

Visual Art

Spirit Animal by Adam Romano

Harmony by Amber Cole

Feline Friends by Amber Cole

Self-Portrait by Adam Romano