Remembering December

Beneath my feet the grass grows green,
Extending beyond what the eye can see,
Rolling with the hills to meet the horizon,
Each slate headstone illuminated by sun.
It feels too long since last December,
But everything remains as I remember.

My heart longs for more than to remember
Your laugh, your smile, and your eyes so green.
Every Thanksgiving and every cold December,
When I close my eyes, I can almost see
Your skin glowing from the warmth of the sun
And feel you gazing upon the same horizon.

Your beautifully ever-expanding horizon,
Your sweet smile something to remember,
Together today we share the sun,
With me on one side and you beneath green.
I know you’re here, but if you could only see
What a particularly cold December.

I will be here just like every December,
We’ll celebrate together on this horizon.
I will close my eyes so that I can see,
And we will share every memory I remember
Here, just you and me, between us green
Embraced like your hug with the blanket of sun.

We’re together for a moment under this sun,
For a moment we can pretend it isn’t December,
Let’s go back to the spring and green,
When we picnicked on the beach horizon,
Do you remember? I can’t not remember
What I wouldn’t give for one more time to see.

One day I’ll show you all that you couldn’t see,
But our time is dwindling with the sleeping sun.
This moment will be another to remember
Until we meet again next lonely December
Once again rekindling memories on this horizon
Here, just you and me, between us green.

One day we will see each other beyond Earth’s green,
We won’t have to remember and there won’t be a December,
Together we’ll admire the sun from the top of Heaven’s horizon.