Issue 9, Fall 2021


A cartoon tiger is in the middle of a black background. It is smoking a long pipe. Two white rabbits sit on round balls and look at the stars on the black background. One of the stars has angry eyes and the other is smiling.

from “Stars” by Crystal Arambula

Memory and fantasy dominate Ovis Issue 9, Fall 2021.

Included is work from Crystal Arambula, Samuel Arredondo, Brittany Bean, James Exley, Michael Fleming, Callen Martin, Megan McLaughlin, MaryEllen Meadows, Xavier Mulquiny, Mia Poland, and Adam Romano.

Bean, Meadows, and Mulquiny take us to pivotal moments in their lives with their poetry.

Arambula and Romano return with surreal visual art while Poland’s photography grounds us in nature.

Finally, fiction from Arredondo, Exley, Fleming, Martin, and McLaughlin provide glimpses into reality, fantasy, and the in-between.




The Painting by Samuel Arredondo

Strawbabies by Samuel Arredondo

Frigid Sable by James Exley

Fire from a Dragon by Michael Fleming

Blood Orange by Callen Martin

Ability by Megan McLaughlin


Beautiful Encounters by Mia Poland


Nine O-Two by Brittany Bean

Life in the Time of COVID by MaryEllen Meadows

Pride Parade Twenty Twenty-One by Xavier Mulquiny

Visual Art

Stars and Universal Glow by Crystal Arambula

Black & White Studies by Adam Romano