Life in the Time of COVID

It’s been a year since we last had a cup of coffee.
I’m sorry I missed your daughter’s wedding.  The pictures were lovely.
My church friends left the weekly box of food on my doorstep.
I thanked them as I stood behind the front window.

I moved most of his clothes out of our closet.
I can’t bring myself to give them away just yet.
The flowers in the planter are dying.
He always did the yardwork.

The house is so quiet now.
I speak out loud to no one.

I met my daughter and her girls at the top of the hill that overlooks town.
We parked our cars next to each other,
Close enough not to have to shout, but far enough not to touch.

My wardrobe of masks is growing.
There are three more fresh graves at the cemetery today.
The air is thick with the scent of fresh flowers wilting in the sun.
I’m here if you want to talk.