Issue 6, Spring 2020


Front panel of a vintage car that is blue and red with one raised headlight.

from “Car Club” by Amber Cole

Despite the challenges that COVID-19 has brought to students, staff, the college and community, Ovis Issue 6 is here. It includes work from Amber Cole, Larry Edson, Bailey Gonzalez, Esther Hammon, Rochelle Mabry, Pamela Peters, Mandie Price, Erin Roper, Bryce Sandberg, Sterling Silverman, and Kyran Soriano.

Poetry from Gonzalez, Hammon, and Peters focuses on the natural world while Sandberg’s villanelle seems especially poignant at a time when so many are facing separation of some kind.

Price and Soriano share moments of their lives with the reader in two creative non-fiction pieces.

Cole and Silverman return with visual art and photos documenting local life.

Finishing out the issue are fiction pieces from Edson, Gustafson and Mabry as well as a play by Roper.




No Special Cookies by Erin Roper


Abduction by Larry Edson

The Troll of Stainton House by Kayla Gustafson

Fishing with Grandpa by Rochelle Mabry


Healing Through Music by Mandie Price

Someone Else, Something Else by Kyran Soriano


Car Club by Amber Cole

Sunrise in Jerome by Sterling Silverman


Breeze by Bailey Gonzalez

The Monarch by Esther Hammon

Gray Longings by Pamela Peters

Far Away: A Villanelle by Bryce Sandberg

Visual Art

Organic Mixed Media by Amber Cole