Issue 5, Fall 2019


The piece, "Painted Hills," by Amber Cole.

from “Painted Hills” by Amber Cole

Ovis Issue 5, Fall 2019 begins our third year online with new work from a broad cross-section of MCC students, all of whom are appearing in Ovis for the first time.

Issue 5 includes work from Jocelyn Bourlier, Amber Cole, Kayla Crowe, Louis Dearman, Ariel Dunne, William Ernst, Gina Gose, Desirae Martin, Serena Pineda, Jessica Whitten, and Allyson York.

Poems about survival from newcomers Pineda, Martin, and Crow complement verses about family and fantasy from York, Dunne, and Gose.

A wonderful collection of photos appears in Issue 5, including landscape and portrait pieces by Dearman and Bourlier, and evocative abstract compositions by Cole.

Rounding out the fifth issue are fiction from Dunne, York, Pineda, and Whitten plus—for the first time in Ovis—a play by Ernst.




You’re Not Real by William T. Ernst Jr.


The Servant and the Sword by Ariel Dunne

What Happened Last Night by Serena Pineda

Eyes Closed by Jessica Whitten


Desert Dreams by Jocelyn Bourlier

Vacant and Forgotten Flowers by Amber Cole

Painted Hills by Amber Cole

Havasu Life by Louis Dearman


Things I Wanted to Ask by Kayla Crowe

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Toddler by Ariel Dunne

Lilith by Gina Gose

Selfish by Desirae Martin

I’m the Girl by Serena Pineda

But Still I Miss You Every Day by Allyson York