Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Toddler


Among twenty living mammals
the only one moving around excitedly
was the little toddler.


I was of three energy levels
like a toddler
for which there is abundant energy.


The toddler twirled around in the living room
it was a small part of the house.


A man and a woman
Are one
A man and a woman and a toddler
Are one.


I do not know which to prefer
The beauty of silence while studying
Or the beauty of cartoon characters on television
The toddler laughing
at the funny voices


Toddler filled the small house
with echos from times past
The laughter of childhood memories
clung to the parents
while watching the happy toddler
run to and fro


Oh adults alone with cats
Why do you imagine life without children
Do you not see how the toddler
walks around playing pretend
and filling the home with joy?


I know kitten paws
and fluffy soft puppy dogs
but I know too
that the toddler
has brought immense joy in what I know


When the toddler is grown
it marks the end
of one of a few childhoods.


At the sight of toddlers
running around giggling
Even the childless adults
cry out in utter joy.


She once walked into a movie theater
and the sheer cries of an infant
she mistook as her own
caused her milk to flow


The parents are shushing
the toddler must be sleeping


It was summer all year long
And it was warm and getting warmer
the toddler sat down
exhausted in the summer heat.