Issue 4, Spring 2019


A crop from the piece "Sea Dragon Tea" by Crystal Arambula.

from “Sea Dragon Tea” by Crystal Arambula

Finishing out the journal’s second year, Ovis Issue 4 features more impressive work from MCC students and staff.

Issue 4 includes work from Crystal Arambula, Morgana Campbell, Kaitlyn Cativiela, Megan Chadsey, Victoria Cullis, Alexander Exley, Desiree Hamodey, Marylynn Hernandez, Angelica Isela Hoover, Alida McDermott, Cat Nelson, Clayton Shankles, Sterling Silverman, Amber Tacey, Alieska Tor-Sablon, Nicole Vawter, and Cassidy Worden.

MCC instructor Susan Kreuger again curated pieces from her spring ceramics class; ceramics art in Issue 4 comes from Campell, Hamodey, Nelson, Shankles, and Vawter.

In Issue 4’s fiction section, two pieces by Exley and Hernandez should be read with the lights on. Chadsey offers science fiction, and Tacey returns with an evocative narrative.

Poetry for Issue 4 comes from Exley, McDermott, Worden, Silverman, Hoover, and Cativiela. Each piece is rich with imagery and unexpected language.

Tor-Sablon returns with a second installment in her series of zombie apocalypse comics. Arambula’s illustrations are whimsical and colorful. Photography from Cullis completes Issue 4.




A Step on Mars by Megan Chadsey

Husk by James Exley

Innocent Ventures by Marylynn Hernandez

The Box by Amber Tacey


Bloom by Victoria Cullis

Sweet Sugar by Victoria Cullis


Poor Creature by Kaitlyn Cativiela

Sundered by James Exley

Pour by Angelica Isela Hoover

Knocking on Death’s Door by Alida McDermott

Three Poems by Sterling Silverman

The Spirits Still Linger Come November 1st by Cassidy Worden

Visual Art

Sea Dragon Tea and Cave Woman by Crystal Arambula

Platter, Bowls, and Vase by Morgana Campbell

Cat by Morgana Campbell

Elephant Mug by Desiree Hamodey

Orange Fish by Cat Nelson

Boot and Blue and White Vase by Clayton Shankles

Zombie Outbreak Continued by Alieska Tor-Sablon

Snake Pot by Nicole Vawter