Issue 2, Spring 2018


from “A Bug: Exploring Composition” by Larisa Karmazina

Two years ago, when the Ovis experiment began, we could not have imagined we would be publishing a second issue. We could hardly imagine we would publish a first issue. We have been successful, and we could not be more proud to present Issue 2, bringing together the best creative work that MCC students and community members have to offer.

Contributors to Issue 2 include Morgana Campbell, Brenda Christensen, Molly Corey, Julie Curwick, A. Exley, Julianna Garland, Matthew Gunderson, Julian Holm, Matthew Husted, Larisa Karmazina, L. Kenney, Nick Koel, Rich Libertini, Cat Nelson, Pamela Peters, Mya Radler-Havatone, Ashley Roidl, Josh Ross, Sky Sexton, and Amber Tacey.

Three distinct sets of photographs from Karmazina explore elements of composition and tone. Imaginative artwork and concept drawings by Garland, as well as two poems by Roidl, tell very different but equally rich and ominous fantasy stories.

Libertini returns with another finely crafted story from his childhood, while Peters is back with a perfectly moody poem about the importance of perseverance. Short stories from Ross and Exley fictionalize events from the Bosnian War and Victorian London respectively.

Husted delights with hilarious political satire, while three poems by Sexton explore the natural and supernatural in sound-filled images. Strong image is again evoked in a short story by Holm and in two poems by Tacey.

Rounding out Issue 2 are ceramics by Radler-Havatone, Nelson, Koel, Kenney, Christensen, Tacey, and Campbell; and richly detailed miniatures by Curwick.




Mary Nichols by James Exley

Surrealpolitik by Matthew Husted

Moments Before Destiny by Josh Ross


The Depths of Fear by Julian Holm

A Father’s Pride by Rich Libertini


Anchor and Waterfall & Trees in Sun by Morgana Campbell

London Bridge by Larisa Karmazina

Lights by Larisa Karmazina

A Bug: Exploring Composition by Larisa Karmazina


Vacant by Molly Corey

Daily Routine by Matthew Gunderson

Some Days by Pamela Peters

Mermaid and Selkie by Ashley Roidl

Home and Cathartes aura by Sky Sexton

Artist in a Waking Dream by Sky Sexton

Dance of Life and Icarus by Amber Tacey

Visual Art

Controlled Chaos by Morgana Campbell

Yellow Bowl by Brenda Christensen

Miniatures by Julie Curwick

The Chosen Guardian by Julianna Garland

Green Jar by L. Kenney

The Red Sea by Nick Koel

Rose Pot by Cat Nelson

Jirafa by Mya Radler-Havatone

Water Dragon and Hopi Bust by Amber Tacey