Artist in a Waking Dream

They asked me, “Why are you so far away?
Keep your head down here, it’s no good out there
This world is where you are supposed to be.”
But I was there when Simba nudged his father
Broken in the dust, and I saw him run away.
When the Professor dropped his Chemical X
I watched those girls get born to save the day again.
A klepto-bunny tried to take fruity cereal from kids like me
And Coyote never died from Acme-themed mistakes

Now, I know, sometimes I sit with my gaze so far away
And long ago, visiting all these worlds I’ve seen
From color pictures flashing on the screen
Or little black ants marching across the paper
These awe-filled places where wolves converse
Dragons fly, and cats could cast a spell on you.
Those terrible places, where machines are aware
nd think we are a problem to be solved
Or dolls who come to life to slaughter families.

I’ve been told so many times to stick to my place
And face this world, this reality
“Animals don’t talk! And faeries aren’t real!”
But I was there when Scar was overthrown
And the rightful king claimed his crown
I flew with the Dragons of Pern, fighting Threadfall
I hid from the nightmares that Stein brought to life
And sang with Ariel’s choir.
I danced with the Beast, and laughed
As the furniture defended the Keep.

Besides, why’s your world any better?
Where darkness rarely sees the light
And the innocents suffer indifferent abuse?
My worlds may have their share of pain,
But I knew Mufasa was there to guide his son
Mulan could never lose with her dragon-spirit friend
Cruella lost, as she had to do,
And Beauty tamed the beastly prince with love
That saved his life and his kingdom as well.

Forgive me for being so far away
I wanted to paint with the wind
And dance in golden halls
To feel the heat of dragon fire
And roar out victory with my king and pride.
But I’ll be back, after awhile
I want to take you to somewhere I found
You should get the chance to be magical too.