Dance of Life and Icarus

Dance of Life

My body
Turns in circles.
I lift my arms
To embrace the Moon,
the Lady of the Night.

She smiles
down at me
as I dance.
Snake arms.
Hip circles.
Celebrating life.

Doom, takka takka
Doom doom, takka tak.
The drum beats.
Ting Zing Ting.
Zills on my

I circle
my hips.
Shimmy Shimmy.
Ring Tingle Ring.
Coins on my
sparkle and blur.

My veil
sweeps the bright-
burning stars.
My bare feet
are blessed
by dew-kissed

Whirling, spinning
to the life within.
I am blessed
By the Lord and Lady
and I


Heat. Light. Daring youth.
Wide, white wings and melting wax.
Blue sea. Cold Darkness.