Some Days

Some days are tougher than others
Some days it is difficult to get out of bed
To face the day
To face the world
To plaster a fake smile onto your face
To act as if inside you are not sobbing
Screaming shaking breaking apart.
Some days you just have to fake it until you can make it
Some days you have to smile through the tears
Welling up in your swollen eyes.
Some days you feel as if you are the only one
The last one
The lonely one
The one that got left out in the cold
Left behind
Put up on the shelf
Shuffled back into the corner
Left without a hope in the pit of despair.
But then some days you wake up and know that today will be better
Brighter lighter more hopeful
Than those days before.
Some days you just have to hang on to that knowledge
That times will change
The wheel will spin
And you will have some good days again.