Daily Routine

I wake each morning crawling out of bed
Shower quickly, so not to be late
Dress in the dark, so not to wake my wife
Grab a quick breakfast, and out the door I head

I drive to work, though the sky is dark
A quick trip along the empty streets
The town is quiet, and I take it all in
I arrive, and now in the door I must embark

I sit at my desk, and light up my screen
Sit in the chair, settling in for the day
Emails and phones, and people coming in
I work all day, engulfed in my routine

My work is over, and so too is the day
Dark again, as I head back to my car
The sunlight wasted, and yet I do not mind
I like my job, and not just for the pay

Arriving home, the lights are now aglow
Off go my shoes, and I join in making dinner
We eat, we laugh, we spend some time together
Then back to bed, before it starts anew tomorrow.