Issue 11, Fall 2022


from “Christine” By Cody Price

Issue 11 marks our 5th year anniversary of showcasing MCC art and literature online. To celebrate this special occasion, we did something we swore we’d never do – released selections from Ovis in print! Check out the Ovis 5th year anniversary zine in print or online. It contains some of our favorites from Issues 1-10.

Issue 11 is also our largest yet in number of works and contributors, including pieces from Nathan Adler, Martha Aguilar, Tatyana Anderson, Dennett K Armstrong, Samuel Arredondo, Preston Baldwin, Aliccia Brooke Braaten, Amber Cole, Caymen Dansby, Rina Draper-Gione, Matthew Encinas, Eric Estrada, James Exley, Michael Fleming, Grace Greer, Natalie Hammon, Hailey Helm, Robyn Hurley, Debbie McKee, Paul Placial, Cody Price, Mandie Price, Beau Rogers, Jennine Ramirez, Adam Romano, Lisa Sanchez, Hadlee Tatton, Ellie Thomas, Lukas Timpson, and Miriam Timpson.

Enjoy poetic works from Aguilar, Anderson, Draper-Gione, Estrada, Greer, Hammon, Helm, McKee, M. Price, Sanchez, Tatton, Thomas, L. Timpson, and M. Timpson.

Longer selections include fiction from Arredondo, Dansby, Exley, and M. Price, non-fiction from Hurley, drama from Fleming, and film from Cole.

For the first time, we have visual art from one of our career and technical education programs from Encinas. Romano returns with a series of works, joined by works from Baldwin, Braaten and C. Price.

Finally, Professor Rogers returns with photographs of wild places while Adler, C. Price, and Ramirez remind us of the beauty in our own backyards.

Ovis Issue 1 Release Party Ovis Issue 1 Release Party contributors & editorial staff, October 2017




Vortices by Michael Fleming


Heal Me by Samuel Arredondo

Midnight Friend by Caymen Dansby

Phonograph by James Exley

Day Is Done, Gone The Sun by Mandie Price


Another Year in the Back of Beyond and Below by Amber Cole


The Musings of a Late Bloomer by Robyn Hurley


Cactus Man by Debbie McKee

Feathers by Paul Placial

Christine and Rocket88 into the Galaxy by Cody Price

Alien Throne of New Mexico Badlands and Milky Way over Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming by Beau Rogers

Early Morning at Big Pine Lake, California and Sunset over Rio Grande River, Texas and Mexico by Beau Rogers


My Dear Medusa and Father Time by Martha Aguilar

The Paint and Who’s This Woman I See by Tatyana Anderson

Lake Havasu City Sunset and Summer in Havasu by Jennine Ramirez and Rina Draper-Gione

Dubai by Eric Estrada

Nom De Plume by Grace Greer

My Love For You, Will Forever Grow by Natalie Hammon

Adulthood Sucks by Hailey Helm

Like Alcohol and Kindred by Debbie McKee

The Cloud by Mandie Price

A Sonnet for Dr. Holland by Lisa Sanchez

The Life of a Chair by Hadlee Tatton

Under the Light and Spring in Arizona by Nathan Adler and Ellie Thomas

The Line in the Sand and There’s a Voice in My Mind by Lukas Timpson

Being a Mom by Miriam Timpson

Visual Art

Strengthen Within Your Line and Indigenous Shinny Player by Dennett K Armstrong

Self-Portrait No. 2 by Preston Baldwin

Acrylic Pour by Aliccia Brooke Braaten

Welded Spider by Matthew Encinas

Time of Death by Cody Price

Ghostly Transmissions by Adam Romano