The Line in the Sand and There’s a Voice in My Mind

The Line in the Sand

There once was a land with a line in the sand.
The line was just that, but as the prominent came
The line grew to much more;
Fracturing the prominent into two bands.
They were to be of one score,
To be one and the same
In this gracious design, God had made.
He blueprints, he planned,
The prominent could flourish,
Be one kind, so grand.
Despite this they became
Two halves, their own wholes.
God, they can’t understand
Their hunger for power paid all of the toll.
They knew despite his intention they must split up their land,
Every man, woman, child, all souls.
With the sides that they drew the right and the left;
They split up command
And both saw the other
As strange and possessed.
As generations were raised in the rage.
Of the same kind even of the same age.
They slayed and they fought and they thieved and betrayed.
Both the right and the left, again and again,
Knew themselves to spread light
The other side
They must be insane.

There’s a Voice in My Mind

There’s a voice in my mind and it sounds just like mine.
It speaks in my thoughts nearly all of the time.
It raises questions and answers them too.
Who am I? What is that? Well, what can I do?
It brings comfort and peace as it says I’m divine.
But if I so dare step one foot out of line
It follows up swiftly with quite a clear sign.
Who am I? I am nothing– it is them who are something. (edit made in punctuation for next lines)
The voice isn’t bluffing; it’s me who’s disgusting.
That’s surely the topic, which they all are discussing.
What is that? It’s a danger for which I’m not ready.
The voice plays as a savior and yet, despite this instead, he
Ditches me in the darkness making all of me empty.
What can I do? I can breathe and hold my hand steady.
This trap I will free from.
My mind is what I’ll forge the key from.
The same mind the darkness will finally flee from.