Under the Light and Spring in Arizona

Under the Light

Spring in Arizona

Cool breeze, warm sun beam,
Morning dew turning to steam.
Mountain snow melts down,
Spring is here but not long in town.
The dry dessert now blushing green,
Spring in Arizona is serene.

Fanning out new leaves, stretching from winter sleep,
New buds scream to open, but we hear not a peep.
Everything is happy to have another season,
Enjoy it now, soon summer will commit treason.

Spring in Arizona last about two weeks,
This slot of time has few critiques.
It’s not too hot and it’s not too cold,
Alyssums wafting honey, cuz’ they’re not too old.
Artist paints the sky every dawn and dusk,
Wildflowers give off sweet musk.
Get a jump on adventure before you cannot,
Enjoy outside before it’s too hot.
Purple prickly pears are ready for eating,
Forgotten barbs give the tongue quite a beating.
Coveys of chick’s peck cow paddies,
Mother hens hover, following like caddies.

Spring in Arizona brings new life,
Summer will bring them struggle and strife.
Pastures flourish with starts of hay,
Resting on a perfect day.
Enjoy this moment for it won’t last,
Soon spring will be in the past.
Saguaro blooms hold angelic power,
A crown upon thorny head; perfect cactus flower.