Adulthood Sucks

Growing up is hard.
No one talks about how quickly it would happen.
She wishes she could say “thanks for your regard.”
But that would mean you did something to help her with her passion.
You made her feel like a discard
As if she added to a list of your distractions,

Something that was not normal was distractions.
When she was young nothing felt hard.
She never had to try, and the best would always happen.
She never felt like she was able to say “thanks for your regard”.
But she never wanted to give up on her passion
When she turned 18, she had to hit discard.

The hardest thing she had to do was hit discard.
She suddenly was filled with distractions.
Having to figure out adult life, all alone was extremely hard.
She never expected this to happen
Now she really felt like she would never be able to say “thanks for your regard.”
Her parents left her alone to struggle and give up her passion.

Something she never expected was her parents not to care about her giving up her passion.
What she never wanted to discard.
Now all she felt was constant distraction.
18 and alone she had to figure out things might always be hard.
The thought of her achieving her goals seemed less and less likely to happen.
And all she wanted to do was say “thanks for your regard.”

As the years went on, she now knew she would never want to say “thanks for your regard.”
She finally accomplished becoming a teacher, her passion.
She was so happy that she never pushed “discard.”
She got back to a point of no distractions,
And taught her students that not everything has to be hard,
And showed them how to make their dreams happen.

She showed them they could make anything happen,
And wanted them to say “thank you for your regard.”
She embraced their passions,
And proved to them she would never have to discard.
Their dreams because of feeling like a distraction.
She wanted them to know she was there for them even when things got hard.
When things got hard, she didn’t want them to get caught up in distraction.
When bad things happen, it does not mean you have to discard.
You can just say thanks for your regard, and continue with your passions.