Midnight Friend

When I was younger, I lie in bed tossing and turning with only my thoughts and the dark keeping me company, but then one night I turned and through my window I saw


a light of silver–

and my nervous thoughts went silent, replaced by curiosity. It was the middle of the night, but my room glowed like the midday sun. I peeked out the window and what I saw was beautiful beyond description. The harsh desert, normally a stark brown dotted with mottled green and browning plants, was replaced with ethereal white and grey. I was filled with wonder at how the mundane world I had grown so used to could be so radically changed.

That’s when I met you, my closest friend.

–My midnight sun.

The one who would listen when I needed someone to talk to on a bad day, who knew all my deepest secrets, and comforted my tears on the nights I didn’t want people to see me break. Some nights you weren’t there, but I was never upset because I knew you were helping someone else and you would be back soon. While I’m sure I imagined it, I thought I could feel your gentle tug on the days I felt my lowest.

Chin up.

Feel better.

Some claim you are scary and bring forth the evils of the night, but I see you as a beacon to help the weary who dread in the daylight and seek solace in your cool embrace. For those who fear the darkened skies and treat them as monsters, they haven’t seen the beauty of a lightly clouded sky on your brightest journey and set a perpetual dawn to light a silver canvas.

I wish all could see you as I do, my dearest friend, loved by ancestors long forgotten and whose power turns the tides. I embrace the silent love as I gaze at your beauty, handsome in a sky with stars to adorn you.

I hope you glow as gentle now for descendants I may never know—

my midnight friend.