A Sonnet for Dr. Holland

In discussion eleven, we read Shakespeare’s sonnets,
And each of us had different thoughts on it.
Some poems we discovered can be very naughty,
By now, we know those people were very bawdy.
Shakespeare’s 18th sonnet is said to be his best,
But I would argue I really was not all that impressed.
His sonnets were filled with love words to a young man,
But there are those who wonder if a love affair really began.
With all poems, the reader can find his own words,
And I wonder how many find them quite absurd.
A poem that uses iambic pentameter is oh, so complex,
Sadly, it does leave me quite perplexed.
However, it is Dr. Holland who shares his knowledge and his wit,
With assignments each week that we do submit.
We are so very lucky to have an instructor whose teaching is so stellar,
We have become very fart smellers.**
Wait! I meant to say, “We are all smart, fellas.”
This is what I look like after this poem I did compose,
And it is not as witty as John Donne’s I suppose.
I painted this picture of what I look like after writing this poem,
Aren’t you glad Pandora and I are safely home?

**Dr. Trever Lee Holland, MCC English faculty and Ovis editor, would like to note that his lessons do not generally include in-depth discussion of flatulence, however, the class happened to be reading Chaucer, who is known for his inclusion of fart jokes.