The Life of a Chair

I bet you’ve never thought about
What it would be like
Being a chair for a day
Well good for you
I’m about to explain it to you.
Picture this, you are always still
You can’t move yourself obviously
Because you are a chair.
But when you are moved it’s by these creatures
That have never paid you any attention or care
All they do is, move you around, sit on you,
Stand on you to reach something high up.
They never care to ask how you feel having
Their ass on your face, for a better part of the day
They don’t care to ask what it’s like suffocating,
For most of the day.
I know you right now might be laughing,
As I tell you this story.
Thinking to yourself, “chairs are not alive; they can’t feel.”
I understand that, but for right
I just want you to actually picture what it would be like
To be a chair and just pretend for a moment,
That they did have feelings,
How awful a life they would be living;
Literally, all they can do is be still and watch us live our lives;
While they just have to endure a day full of our butts,
On their faces, not being able to breathe or move
Out of the way, just having to stay still
and not say a single word.
How lucky are we?
I know you’ve probably never thought of this before,
But seriously! How lucky are we?
That we don’t have to live our lives as a chair does.