Being a Mom

There’s nothing like someone calling you mama.
Nothing like someone holding you close
Asking for a snuggle
Asking for a kiss on their ouchie
Asking for more juice, please.
Nothing like
Combing your hair in the bathroom
And hearing the giggles of children in the other room
Playing together.
Or telling them that they can have a gummy
As soon as they comb their hair too.
Getting them dressed in something pink
Every single day
Or helping them button their top button
Because its too tight
Or having them kiss your freckles
Because they think they’re chicken pox
There’s nothing like having them find you in the night
When they’ve had a bad dream
Or woke up alone and need a snuggle
Or them reaching their hand over
Touching your face
Just to make sure that you are still there.
There’s nothing like listening to them
Sings songs they just learned
Have discussions with each other
Or whispering, thinking they can’t hear you.
Nothing like watching them play pretend
With their toy mermaids in the bathtub
Or their Lego spaceship they made themselves.
Witnessing a child be wholesome
And loving
And kind
And genuine
Heals your soul if you let it.
They’re naïve in the most beautiful of ways.
They don’t have inhibitions.
They love without hesitation.
Something every mom needs and deserves.