Erin Roper

Tower and “Goodbye”

An Empty House

Next Exit

Where should we put it?

My Heart

Old Town Run About

Farewell and Bloom

Fluorescent Light and Scandinavian Stylings with a Post-Millennial Motif


A Huntsman

Hackberry and Fond Memories of Grandpa


Horse with No Name


Yorkie Peppery Patty

Long Beach Grand Prix and NARDCORE 4 LIFE

Bet the Farm (A Game of Rats)

Just Another Day in America

Thirteen Stepped

Controlling What I Can

Why pickleball?

Caricature – A Collection

Truth Kills and In Memory and Façade

Easy Easy Swordplay

Read the Zine

Get the Zine


The Line in the Sand and There’s a Voice in My Mind


My Love For You, Will Forever Grow

The Paint and Who’s This Woman I See

Adulthood Sucks

The Cloud

Midnight Friend


Being a Mom

A Sonnet for Dr. Holland

Like Alcohol and Kindred

Strengthen Within Your Line and Indigenous Shinny Player

Day Is Done, Gone The Sun