Erin Roper

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The Line in the Sand and There’s a Voice in My Mind


My Love For You, Will Forever Grow

The Paint and Who’s This Woman I See

Adulthood Sucks

Midnight Friend

The Cloud


Being a Mom

A Sonnet for Dr. Holland

Like Alcohol and Kindred

Strengthen Within Your Line and Indigenous Shinny Player

Day Is Done, Gone The Sun

The Musings of a Late Bloomer

Acrylic Pour

Welded Spider

Self-Portrait No. 2

Christine and Rocket88 into the Galaxy

Heal Me


Another Year in the Back of Beyond and Below

Don’t Film Me! I Don’t Consent!

Odysseus and the Art of Perseverance

A Love I Cannot Replace

The Broken Doorknob and Fadeaway

Ever-Changing Seasons


Into the Deep


Skeletal Human Form


The Bouquet

Frigid Sable

The Painting

Pride Parade Twenty Twenty-One

Blood Orange

Black & White Studies