Farewell and Bloom


How does this small paw feel after dipped in ink?
Forever to be immortalized;
Tears form on the brink;
This act becomes normalized.
The soft farewell;
Of a fellow friend;
We hope to someday be well;
At the goodbye we may send.
With such small time;
We try our hardest;
We deny that we will be fine;
And hold these memories fondest.
Having such a short life
We always deny their imminent demise.


Every spring we see it bloom,
And every winter we know that feeling will set in, dread.
For the pink cherry blossoms become gloom
And the flowers start to fret.
They fall off and fly away into the wind,
Carried off onto another adventure much like us.

With just the two of us,
We see a similar type of bloom,
One that doesn’t sway in the cold bitter wind.
No matter how much our separation may bring dread.
By now I know that you will say do not fret.
Because we will meet again, there is no need to gloom.

But how can one not be so gloom
When we do not know what may happen to us?
It seems there is only one thing I can do, fret.
But like the cherry blossom trees, I shall wait to bloom
And hope that when the day comes I will be rid of this dread,
And just hope that those worries will carry off in the wind.

After all, the cherry trees look best in the wind.
So no matter when I become gloom,
And even if I feel that dread,
I will remember that just like us,
These cherry blossoms will bloom.
So no longer do I need to fret.

For this cherry blossom has nothing to fret.
I will let myself be carried by the wind;
And wait for you to come home to once again bloom.
No longer will I become gloom
As long as I become an us;
There is nothing to dread.