Thirteen Stepped

She had five months sober and me five days
New to Arizona, Kingman in fact,
My senses were numb and still in a haze
A losing game it seemed the odds were stacked
We met at a meeting, a thirteenth step
She asked for a ride, on my motorbike
I was nowhere near ready, with no prep
But what did I know, I thought that I liked
A horny newcomer, I still had the shakes
Who cares about discretion, takeoff your pants
Off to a grand start, my head was half baked
Like a deer in the lights and a scared stance
There’s a reason it said just wait a year
When you are new you really don’t know squat
You’re still in a fog from two million beers
And endless doobies of super strong pot

Two half people just don’t make a whole
It dampers your program driven by lust
If only I’d listened and just read the scroll
Reduced to a dried-out piece of bread crust
More dysfunction and the cops called
What the fuck was I thinking, a nightmare
My heart was broken and many times I balled
Left in a stupor and a dry blank stare
Learn from my story and please wait to date
Work on yourself and good things will happen
So much to learn and much on your plate
You’ll gain healthy weight and even fatten
Four years later I now think I’ve learned
I’m starting to grow a beautiful thing
Just keep it holstered don’t be spurned
And like a free bird I’m starting to sing