Just Another Day in America

Turn over a red leaf, relax in arms,
A fear of a blazing heart, cool to the touch
Her hair, red like our children
Smiles once warm, bitter now faded, when
We used to be joyful, now resting our open eyes
Going to warm and pleasant dreams, tomorrow
Our souls by chance belong to, grip of the angels
A cold bed, remembering the tasteless life, we were
So young.
Her eyes, so exquisite, exhausted, tired of the
Constant worry of not seeing you when you
Get on that black and yellow hearse,
Your youthful smile, gullible and full of hope,
One day to be disturbed while listening to
A speaker, a role model, learning
Mandatory information, ignorant of
Anything that could be the end
I waved goodbye, told ya
“Have a good day”, the sun was shining,
The last yellow and orange glare,
Resting your passions and worries
Her smile, so playful, yet cunning
Understanding what it is, to make new friends
That day, something told me, you would
Be best friends for the rest of your life.
A beautiful neighborhood, a school of
Innocence and needless information,
You wouldn’t think, a scream could be,
That annoying.
Breathing like you are pumping iron,
Ears ready to burst, volume to the max
Eyes, white with chaos, confusion
Objects your senses.
I remember that day, her soul, was
So beautiful, however I cannot remember
Anything about her except,
Her shirt she wore when I saw her last
It was bleach white, like when it’s
Snowing outside, a joy to look at.
Her new shirt, void of feeling and love
Was red, like the new paint of that
Damned school, you would never think this was
Just another day in America.