Hackberry and Fond Memories of Grandpa

Fond Memories of Grandpa

It’s been many years since I learned how to fish.
The person who taught me was my grandpa.
He showed me how to cast, and where to put the bait.
We went out on a lake in a small boat.
I could feel the slight fog, and drizzle made my face wet.
How exciting to scoop my first fish in the net.

The trout was so pretty, as it sparkled in the net.
It only took about thirty minutes to catch my first fish.
He was wiggling, red, and blue, and glistening wet.
“You did well son, I’m so proud,” said grandpa!
The sun began to come up, the sun shone on the boat.
I grabbed another worm to use for bait.

This time grandpa had me use Velveeta cheese for my bait.
Grandpa told me kindly to pick up and store the net.
We sat so peacefully having some snacks in the boat.
I was hoping for another nibble, and to catch another fish.
“I think you’re getting another bite, watch your pole,” said grandpa.
I tugged lightly and set the hook, as I reeled the line was wet.

In the excitement my mouth became dry, it was no longer wet.
As the fish came up, I saw the hook, but he had swallowed the bait.
“Grandma will be excited to have a fish dinner,” said grandpa.
“He’s bigger grandpa,” I yelled, “could you please grab the net?”
“Goodness sakes, mercy son,” exclaimed grandpa, “he’s at least three pounds, that fish!”
I sat there never happier and proud, with grandpa in the little, small boat.

Although I was only nine years old, I pondered, when I’m older I too shall have a boat.
Maybe go in the ocean, taste the salt on my lips and lick them wet.
If I have any children, I must surely teach them to fish.
Teach them how to cast, tie a hook on, and most importantly, how to use bait.
Oh, the joy to see him or her land a big one using the net.
Maybe even some day, I could have the joy of being a grandpa.

I now can proudly say that I have become a grandpa.
I love the color blue, it’s the color I chose for my very own boat.
I went to the sporting goods store and bought an aluminum net.
Little Billy is only four, but soon his lines will be wet.
I will teach him to fish, and how to use live bait.
And watch him catch a halibut, a sea bass, or a large tuna fish.

I’ll never forget the good times with grandpa who taught me to fish.
To tie on the hook, and all different kinds of bait.
The safe, secure feelings of happiness, with grandpa on his boat.