Easy Easy Swordplay

Easy easy swordplay
Can be so much fun
But you must be careful
Or you’ll hurt someone

The swordplay that is in a play
Is really just a dance.
People learning moves together
Not just happenstance.

First you learn to hold the sword
Like you’d hold a bird
Firmly, gently in your hand
The bird you can’t disturb

See, if you hold the sword too tight
The blade will always break
If you hold it properly
A ringing sound you’ll make

Next, we learn the simple moves
Creating this illusion
Pay attention to the form
Removing all confusion.

First you move to strike the Head
Your partner then will parry,
This means that they will block your move
Keeping things so merry.

Head and parry, parry and Head
Back and forth together
Until you achieve sense memory,
Then you’ll be safe forever.

We move our target to the shoulders,
Reversing energy,
Do not linger with your sword
But pull back immediately.

First the Left Shoulder, then to the Right Shoulder
Repeat repeat repeat
Create a rhythm as you go,
A natural easy beat.

So, Head and Shoulder, parry and strike
Again, keep practicing.
Remember the secrets of the grip,
You want your sword to ring!

And now the Flanks, above the knee,
Becomes the next attack.
Left Flank, Right Flank, right then left
You will get the knack.

The final move that we will learn
Is the almighty Thrust,
Remember aim for the belly button
And not for your partner’s bust.

Play, practice, do it, make it up
Swordplay is so much fun.
You see the moves are so easy
They can be done by anyone.