Ever-Changing Seasons

June and July mark monsoon season
Wind swirls and tosses the trees
Shaking and quaking on the roof of the house
Ponds take over the yards from rain pour
Cracks of light fill the sky followed by the shake
Endless skies black as night

The beauty and devastation of the night
Year after year with ware from the changing season
Standing in the field feeling the shake
Watching the light strike the trees
Fire extinguished by the rain pour
Running towards the house

Secure and safe as the warmth surrounds us in the house
We relax together keeping company throughout the night
Sweet tea retrieved and ready to pour
Memories of every season
The leaves left burnt, now turned green in the trees
Looking over and noticing grandma’s hands shake

Drive in burgers and a strawberry shake
Holding hands walking toward the house
Swimming all day swinging from the trees
Feelings grow into the night
Ever-changing with each passing season
Alcohol clouding judgment adding another pour

Everything changes and tears pour
Youth was taken as heads shake
Red, yellow, and brown color the season
Repairs not only for the heart but for the house
Silent sobs and prayers unheard embody the night
Craving left only for the trees

Axes dive deep into the trees
Grandma grabs the coffee ready to pour
Darkest and longest that of night
Bad memories unable to shake
One last gathering at the house
Death has taken over the season

What is a good night anymore? The wind blows through the trees
A new year and a new season. Watching the rain pour.
The family’s heartache and shake.
The place we made home is now a hollow shell of a house.