You, Me and Arizona 

Lately, I find myself struggling for the right words to say.
Everything that has been going through my mind these days.

The times are changing, and so am I.
Now is the time to bid my old way of life goodbye.

Where will I go, I don’t know.
Maybe a wide-open space with plenty of room to grow.

The open-road is screaming my name!
I have tired of living my life in the same old way.

A sun-drenched landscape packed full of wildflowers and tumbleweeds.
Call me crazy, but that is what I long to see.

I dream of wide-open spaces with soaring mountains all around.
Oh, but how, I do miss walking on Arizona ground.

Fields of cactus reaching for the sky.
The beauty of it all makes me want to cry.

Go with me, my love on a journey out west.
We can find a piece of heaven on which we can rest.

Hold my hand and let us go down the road together.
You, me, and Arizona in love forever.