The Truth of the Rape of Persephone

The legends got it wrong. It wasn’t Hades who stole Persephone, dragging her down to a dark prison. It was Persephone who petitioned her father Zeus so she could leave her mother’s care. It was Zeus who thought of Hades, ruling alone in the Underworld. It was father and daughter who hatched a plan to have Persephone alone at a time when Hades was passing by in his chariot. The “rape” of Persephone has been highly exaggerated.

Hades would like to point out he wanted no part of this. He was content to just rule his realm and take Cerberus for their walk. No one said anything about needing a spouse, or in Persephone’s case, a co-ruler. He was minding his own business, joy riding for a break, when this woman decided to hitch a ride. He was so startled that he opened a portal back to the Underworld to escape.

Persephone would like it noted that she makes an excellent Queen of the Underworld. Her husband is too soft on the souls of the dead, gives too many chances. The whole thing with Eurydice and Orpheus might have been her idea, but only because she had wanted to give Eurydice another chance at life. Orpheus had been a fool from the beginning, thinking to appeal to her good nature as a goddess. Hades needed someone to put a foot down while not running in terror about the Lord of the Dead thing.

Demeter was having none of this. Her baby, her favorite daughter, would not be getting married without her permission, and she wasn’t giving it anytime soon. Especially not to Hades, the little creep. The Underworld was no place for a spring goddess, much too dark and gloomy. Her bright Sephy needed sunlight and earth. She’d just have to talk Zeus around. If not…well, she had other ways.

After everything, no one got exactly what she wanted. Zeus got a massive headache, Demeter had to share her daughter, Persephone was still chained to her mother, and poor Hades, still just wanted to walk his dog in peace. Demeter made sure everyone knew the “truth” about what Hades had done to her baby, and even though none of the other gods cared, the humans spread the tale of the evil god.

Cerberus just wants his walkies.