Programming Poem

I wished to build The_World,
I need to do it fast.
Help me to be shown or led,
The time is almost past.

I take from this a one half,
I use the Object Sky.
Let us try it out I laugh,
It’s better than to cry.

I had a working version,
It was a workin’ fine.
What happened to my creation?
THIS project is not mine.

I wonder why I do it,
I want to hit the screen.
Maybe I should use some GIT?
And then I wouldn’t scream.

I might be missing a class,
I compile till new York();
Found, and saved from the trash.
Editor’s gone berserk!

I finish with the last forks,
I think the Color’s “Blue.”
Ah bliss, completed, it works.
My dream’s finally true.